Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Good Library Blog has nailed some pertinent points in a recent post. Summing things up about library cuts and the way admin and behind-the-scenes activity is afforded opportunity to continue their financial wastages whilst the people on the frontline on lower wages suffer the effects of cuts as do the libraries themselves:

The cuts that need to be made should be taken in the so called 'corporate' structures of local councils, and in the back office and library administration where there is a huge waste of money. But they aren't being, because that is where the senior management work and they are clinging to their jobs. They have been handed the right to decide where the cuts will come and it is they who are deciding it is better to close libraries than lose their own income.

And another quote:

We could achieve all the budget reductions that are needed in the library service and not close one library. In fact with the money that would be available after all the cuts, we would be able to increase book funds and opening hours. There is plenty of capital funding available to refurbish most of the community libraries in the country.

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