Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Correspondence with Stephen Hammond, Wimbledon Conservative MP

A heartfelt letter to make a stand against library cuts addressed to my local MP was met with a very general, off-hand response addressing none of my queries and concerns.

Thus far no cuts announcements have been made or indeed any news whatsoever made public as to the future of Merton Council's libraries. This makes me almost as uneasy as if cuts had been announced because it means there is no transpareny as to where my boroughs' libraries figure in budget plans.

I have simply been told the usual stack of hackneyed soundbites such as how the cuts are "necessary", how decisions are "tough" and how we are "all in it together" and must all take the assigned sufferage as one. It's sickening to be told this by someone on a six figure salary when, as a public sector worker who is very likely to be directly affected by such cuts (possibly losing my job altogether - a job sector that it has taken me four years to enter), I earn just above the national minimum wage, with part-time hours at that (no full-time posts available in my job sector).